Church Renovation

Dear parishioners!


Last spring I received a letter from Bonifatiuswerk. Bonifatiuswerk is a German Catholic foundation with its roots back in 1849. It operates under the motto Keiner soll alleine glauben (No one holds their faith alone). Its task is to broadly support Catholic activity and religious life and to strengthen Catholic faith where it is needed. This includes the Catholics in the Nordic countries, where we are very few small compared to the rest of the population. Our congregation has also enjoyed the support of the Bonifatiuswerk previously, when the Birgitta Hall was built. There is a plaque at the entrance to the Brigittine sisters to remind us of the kindness of the Bonifatiuswerk toward us.


Now the letter contained information that the parish had been granted substantial support for renovation. Nevertheless, we must pay a part of the total costs, and this will certainly strain our economy. We have opened a special renovation account. Father Pasinato, our diocesan administrator, supports wholeheartedly this big renovation project of our dear church.


Church renovation account

FI88 1544 3000 2018 35


A project group has been set up for the project, consisting of the parish members Benito Casagrande and the two members of the economic council, Johannes Salminen and Robert Paul. The project team includes also Juha Lehtonen and Ismo Tuulianen from the engineering company LeVIA as well as Jouni Allén, master builder responsible for renovation supervision. I am the chairman of the project team.
The project team has officially met 7 times and parts of the project are taking shape. The aim is to repair the heating, water and air conditioning systems and to make the necessary structural changes to the rectory and the parish hall. The electrical system will also be renewed. The visible construction work will start next spring. To date, the heat distribution room has been cleared from asbestos and the old heat distribution unit has been replaced by a brand new one. The actual renovation project activities are planned to start next summer, by which time we hope to have received the approval of the city authorities.


The church building is from 1966 and is clearly in need of renovation. We are happy and grateful to the Bonifatiuswerk for their support. This is one of the largest renovation project of the church building ever. Our economy is strained and I urge everyone to take note of the account number of the renovation project above – something to consider, for example, when you figure out what charitable support you could provide this Christmas.


Let us pray for the smooth and successful progress of the project and for the Bonifatiuswerk.


Turku 12.11.2020


Parish priest Peter Gębara (SCJ)
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